Welcome to Orbico Style

Leading lifestyle products distributor in Europe

Welcome to Orbico Style

Orbico Style has been developing the markets in Poland and surrounding territories since 1993, we strive to be the best full service distributor in the lifestyle sector in the region. 

As part of Orbico we are now starting the journey to expand our offering across a much wider geography and look forward to building strong relationships with all our clients while delivering best of class services to our principals.

We are excited to be able to deliver the full experience from our principals to consumers in our whole market with our truly dedicated personnel.

Anton Lopatko
General Manager, Orbico Style Russia

Orbico Style

Orbico Style companies are member of Orbico Group specialized in distribution of lifestyle products.
Since 1993 we provide full service of sales, marketing, distribution and retail on the...

Our services

Orbico Style offers complete and comprehensive business solutions for our partners of whom most are global market leaders in their categories.
Our companies respect each brand's philiosophy...

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Orbico Style companies have a long term business relationship with many international companies and enable brands in their portfolio to connect to customers and consumers in the local...

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